Smart Contract Hacker and Developer Internship at Kleros

Job Description

Smart Contracts are a critical part of decentralized applications. The difficulty is not about what they should do but about what they should not do. Programming them requires adversarial thinking. “How could someone call a contract function to performed a non-authorized action?”.
As an intern, you will develop this adversarial thinking by trying to hack smart contracts (of Kleros repository or in a White Hat manner).

You will write and review smart contracts for Kleros and related applications.


*This internship is open for bachelor or master students in Computer Science or related fields. You can also apply if you just finished a degree which does not make internships mandatory.
*Has read the solidity documentation:
*Ability to produce well-designed, maintainable and modular code.
*Network security and defensive programming.
*Ability to learn new technologies and languages to cope with the fast developments in the blockchain space.
*Ability to work autonomously and take initiatives.
*Interest in blockchain applications.
*Basic knowledge of solidity.

Desired qualifications:

*Languages and frameworks used in the development of Ethereum dapps: Solidity.
*Git/Github open source workflow.
*Blockchain technical knowledge and blockchain culture.
*Good level of English.


*The internship compensation is 800€/month for bachelor students and 1200€/month for masters students.
*If it goes well it can end up into a permanent position after you finish your studies.
*Unlimited coffee (the best one of Lisbon).
*Work in a coworking hosting blockchain related events.

For passing prescreen you have two choices:

*Try to find the vulnerabilities in those smart contracts made to test your WH hacking skills


*Perform a PR solving an issue on or . Note that contributions are also eligible to our developer bounty program.

For either of the options, we advise you to read the solidity doc beforehand . If you have a good CS background it should be enough to pass one of the prescreens.

Programming, Hacking, Ethereum, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Applied Cryptography, Defensive Programming, Truffle, Web3.Js
$12K – $17K
No Equity