Subcourt Proposal: Blockchain->Technical




Parent court: Blockchain.
Juror fee: 0.5 ETH.
Jurors for jump: 127.
Jurors for jump: 255.
Minimum Stake: 80 000 PNK.
Alpha: 32.5%.


Court Purpose

This court serves to arbitrate blockchain disputes of a technical nature. This can include:

  • Verifying that a smart contract meets a defined standard.
  • Verifying that a proposed contract call is the technical translation of a decision taken by governance.

Required Skills

A high understanding of blockchain technology, smart contract, solidity language and Ethereum ABI is required.


  • A dispute on whether or not a token should be given a badge indicating that it satisfies ERC20.
  • A dispute on whether or not a proposed Kleros governor call matches the decision which has been voted through governance.



  • Disputes in this subcourt should only be of technical nature.


This court will be used on ERC20 badge disputes.
Once ready, it will also be used for the Kleros governor (currently in development there) to solve disputes about calls implementing what was voted by governance.

The vote has started.

The court has been created.