Subcourt Proposal: Marketing Services

Marketing Services


Parent court: General.
Juror fee: 0.1 ETH.
Jurors for jump: 255.
Minimum Stake: 15 000 PNK.
Alpha: 32.5%.


Court Purpose

In this court, jurors will solve disputes on quality of paid marketing services including but not exclusive to sponsored articles, social media promotion and PR writing.

Required Skills

A high level of reading and writing comprehension, data corroboration and web search.


Marketing company promised to publish article on Cointelegraph and subsequently list on Google news, neither of these things happened.



  • It is the responsibility of the marketing contractor to prove that the service has been delivered. This should be done by providing evidence.


This court will be used for Marketing Service escrow contracts.
The policy makes sure that no one is asked to “prove a negative” which often ends up impossible.

The vote has started.

The court has been created.