Subcourt Proposal: Video Production


Video Production


Parent court: General.
Juror fee: 0.1 ETH.
Jurors for jump: 255.
Minimum Stake: 15 000 PNK.
Alpha: 32.5%.


Court Purpose

This court is for disputes on video production created through agreements in the Kleros escrow. This included editing quality, resolution and final deliverable format.

Required Skills

Knowledge of video editing programs / encoding standards and editing procedures. Ability to check resolutions, durations and visual branding on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.


Freelancer did not complete video project as agreed in contract. Agreement stated video should be of 1min 30 seconds long but was only 59 seconds.



  • If the video is longer than 1h, parties in the dispute should draw attention to certain sections of the video that do not meet the requirements of the agreement.


This court will be used for Video Production escrow contracts.
The policy prevents jurors from having to watch considerable amount of content.


The vote has started.


The court has been created.