Suggesting to expand the use case

I have an idea that is really needed in the Defi and entire crypto space, and Kleros is the idea candidate to implement it.

Defi/crypto projects could lock up a certain amount of Usdt/Usdc/Dai/stablecoin with the kleros court that would be made transparent to everyone, also these funds can gradually increase.
When investors have problem with their projects they can bring the project/team to the Kleros court to have it resolved, if the accused/project is guilty, path of their locked up fund will be used to pay the investor/investors.
This will help increased trust level for those projects that locked up funds at Kleros court and also protect investors.

This I believe is one of the major pressing needs in the crypto space.


We are actually working with a project where DeFi projects would be able to put some money as an insurance and users would be able to make claims when they loss money due to project malfunction leading to financial losses.


When will the announcement about the cooperation with this Defi project you mentioned:grinning:?

Here are some:

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