Swap staked between courts

Currently, with the gas costs, it’s quite expensive to move our stakes as jurors to a different court. For instance, i’m in a court with no disputes right now, but I think that in another court that I have skilles for could have multiple disputes. The current operation of unstake + stake makes quite expensive this operation and will need a lot of time and disputes to recover just the fee with the earnings as juror.

I don’t know if this feature can be implemented in the current court contract, but maybe will be a nice feature to have for the V2.

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There is not much that can be done right now about it in Court V1 as the issue lies with Ethereum congestion. But Court V2 will be deployed on a Layer 2 solution that will make the same operation (and all others) significantly cheaper.

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Great to hear that.

Besides the gas cost, I think that having a swap or the possibility to move our stake from one court to another will improve the user experience. Also the jurors will be able to move their stake to the most active courts quickly and easily and that will improve the earns of the jurors. Imho of course