Virtual Office Manager - Kleros

Job Description
We are looking for a virtual office manager to provide administrative services. This involves handling the same kind of tasks as an office manager, but doing them for a remote team.

You will be particularly in touch with our community manager Stuart and CEO, Federico. The priority would be to ensure both the compliance of the company and the schedule for communication.

*Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets.
*Make travel reservations for members of the team.
*Maintain a calendar, set up meetings and organize events.
*Take transcription and handle correspondence.
*Make travel arrangements.
*Handle billing and accounting.
*Prepare, collate and ship proposals and meeting materials.
*Send out requested information to customers.
*Handle inquiries by phone or e-mail.
*Setting up administrative process to ensure no documents or company knowledge is lost.

*Understanding of business operation, (budgeting / business and marketing plans / contracts and agreements / time management).
*Fluent in English.
*Good spelling and grammar skills.
*Ability to “make things happen”.
*Good organizational skills.
*Good interpersonal skills.
*Ability to work as part of a team.
*Communication, negotiation and relationship-building skills.
*Attention to details.
*Adaptability in fast changing environment.
*Ability to use google docs/sheets/slides (or Open Source equivalents).

Desirable Qualifications
*Experience in blockchain technology (previous work or hobbyist).
*Knowledge of other languages (in particular French).
*Previous experience as an office manager or similar position.
*Degree(s) (or other kind of formation) in accounting, management or business.

Application process

  1. Ask for an intro (with a specific message).
  2. As a prescreen, answer one subsection of each section of this application document:
  3. Have an interview or chat with one of the founders.
  4. Complete the remaining questions of the application document.
  5. Have interviews with 2 more people from Kleros.

Management, Accounting, Attention to Detail, Interpersonal Skills, Google Docs, Organizational Skills, Flexible and Adaptable, English language, buisness operation
$25K – $55K
0.05% – 0.15%