"if Elon becomes arbiter of what is true" - game plan to integrate with Twitter

TLDR: we will never know for sure what is real, in a scalable way. There is not enough fact-fact-checkers and those who fact-check them. But what we can do is describe the level of uncertainty and present factually correct numbers.

Elon is likely to succeed in the purchase of Twitter - what next?

(pending regulatory approvals etc)

I don’t think anyone at Twitter will automagically stumble upon Kleros. Everyone talks about Twitter and Elon Musk, that particular tweet didn’t get thousands of retweets. Even if someone did read it - Kleros is pretty geeky, pretty technical, pretty complicated to explain in a single Tweet.

Fake news and controversy

Not just fake news but also massively controversial statements taken of out context - factually correct but misleading.

Here is some example with numbers:

Group A: 75% of people said A is true
Group B: 25% of people said B is true

91% people in group A said B is false.
87% people in groub B said A is false.

100% people across the site agree this is a subject of ongoing controversy - that is factually correct.

Even with the most controversial statement, it is possible to remain factually correct.

Displaying all the data in the UI - busy, messy, cognitive overload.

I think it is possible to have just a single bar and “show more” to indicate the distribution of the votes:

To know if the statement is controversial or not - a useful piece of information

If Twitter algo becomes open-source, there will be multiple clients, Kleros client being the best. I could use my personal settings - anything with “heat >60%” just don’t show.

Kleros building a proof of concept of content moderation with TOKENOMICS that incentivize use:

  • daily airdrop of tokens
  • most of them expire
  • some of them can be staked / delegated
  • some reactions and supporting contributors

Scalable tokenomics that prevents fraud - that would be PRETTY WOW.

Great book with loads of insightful concepts

This book sparked the entire community: https://www.radicalxchange.org/ (Vitalik is on the board)

Quadratic funding on Gitcoin is one of the examples.

In the instance of Twitter - I have 10 points that expire daily and when I use 10 at the same time it counts differently than 10 individual people… (here Proof of Humanity can help)

Loads of ideas how to improve Twitter.

Kleros providing fact-checking / moderation / controversy (heat level) services?

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Maybe a significant airdrop of PNK to the first person to get Elon to acknowledge PNK/POH?

Kleros has potential to build a new model for Twitter social media moderation.

Fast near-free transactions on XDAI - it can scale. More cases means work for jurors, more healthy economy…

Elon is too busy with so many random lawsuits. Just tweeting at Elon - little changes of success. In order to succeed in this proposal - work from our side needs to come first.

Personal note

Opportunity cost. I’m busy working on this: https://medium.com/@marsrobertson/so-what-do-you-do-ba0f598af5c3

A clickable prototype, only on my localhost: Evaluating EGS Reports - Triple Bottom Line - New Definition of Value - YouTube

I intend to integrate Kleros in one shape or form or another.

Not “solution waiting for a problem” but an ability to dispute and evaluate certain statements.