KIP-61 Court Proposal: Humanity (Gnosis Chain)

I am proposing to create the following new court for use in disputes that will come from the Gnosis Chain version of Proof-of-Humanity.

Court name : Humanity Court

Parent court : xDAI General Court

hiddenVotes : 0

Proposed juror fee : 17 xDAI

Proposed minstake : 6800 PNK

Proposed alpha : 0.5

Jurors for jump : 31

Times per period : [540000, 437400, 437400, 291600]

Court policy :

Court purpose: In this court jurors will judge disputes related to establishing Sybil resistant lists of unique human identities, particularly for the Proof of Humanity protocol.

Required skills: Jurors should be capable of reasonably evaluating whether a proposed submission consisting of photo and video evidence corresponds to a unique human being, eventually making use of supplementary information that might be provided as evidence by relevant parties.

Motivation :

EDIT: I recalculated these parameters so that they are compatible with continuing to use one juror initial rounds as is currently the case for most disputes in the mainnet Humanity court. I used similar heuristics as those in this thread: KIP-59 Humanity Court Parameter Updates (January 2023) regarding bounding the profitability of lazy strategies and the level of risk/reward (juror fees/vote stake) that people seemed to consider acceptable, adjusting for the lower gas.


Let’s go! Excited for POH Origin.