Request for comments - Kleros Fellowship of Justice proposals

Posted to Telegram channel, for extra visibility posting on the forum too:

This is related to:

I have applied, I believe I am well positioned to take part in the fellowship, at the same time presenting mindset of abundance, collaboration not competition and I’m encouraging constructive direct feedback and discussion.

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Thanks for the extra posting kind sir.

Yes, it seems you have a very high understanding of Kleros and I would imagine you’re a great candidate for the fellowship. :muscle:

Now we are in the third batch, some updated proposals ideas:

For me Chainlink was always these crazy memes and fanatical community.

Someone asked me to integrated them in the project.

Super good tutorial:


Assumes 0 level of any knowledge.

It is so detailed, it even mentions sending transactions via Metamask.

Kleros should be so fool-proof too! - it’s decent, need more examples, more integration, more traction, more everything…