Self Commitment In Todo App


Hi all!

So one of the use cases I am actively developing (and would love feedback on) is to use Kleros to settle disputes on Self Commitment cases. Here is what I mean (Kleros only comes in when there is a dispute in step 5):

  1. User creates a Todo task (e.g. “Go do health check up”), and stakes some Magic Coins on the task.
  2. User picks 1 or more Verifiers (these could be friends or anonymous people from a community) to verify their task is actually done.
  3. User does the actual task (i.e. “Does a health check up”)
  4. User gathers evidence that they’ve done so (eg take a photo of the health certificate with date, blur out other personal details?) and uploads it.
  5. The Verifiers check to see if they believe in it. If NOT - they throw this case to Kleros for arbitration where the Kleros system uses the same evidence to rule (the Verifiers will have to pay deposits etc)
  6. The final outcome from the User’s perspective is a) The evidence proved it so I got my Magic Coins back (to do XYZ with), or b) The evidence was weak so I lost my Magic Coins (TBD if they go to the Verifiers or to the Company)

I am currently SLOWLY coding up a simple app/dapp to trial this (hopefully on you lucky people!). But since this is quite an ambitious use case - some feedback on what people think is feasible for a trial would be appreciated. Maybe restrict the tasks to only exercises? Since everything is a bit too free form. I also understand that clearly, users should only stake tasks where they can comfortably show Evidence of (otherwise no proof) - BUT if they choose a Verifier that is say, their house mate - and their task is “wash the dishes” - this might be OK? What do people think?

Thanks a lot!


It’s an interesting use case for sure. But my problem is initially the users need to be someone who understand crypto and how to use it. So how about designing a todo app for crypto enthusiasts. Examples:

  • HODLers - who do a self commit that they won’t sell a token for next X months. If they do, they lose their stake.
  • BUDLers - I want to learn solidity or build an MVP etc on blockchain by XYZ date. If it’s not up and running i lose my stake.
  • Writers - If I don’t my article and publish it by XYZ date I lose my stake. (Keep it focused on crypto writers to begin with)
  • Traders - I’ll not trade more than XYZ amount. If I do, i’ll lose my stake.

All of the above, are easy to prove. Also it targets an audience that will be happy to adopt.


Thanks for the feedback! I was hoping to hide a lot of the Blockchain/crypto complexity from users (i.e. all they care is that they stake Magic Coins). But your case to specialise it for Crypto enthusiasts (i.e. this community) is a very interesting one as it could mean a bigger user take up? In fact - it might be better to start with “Canned” (ie preselected) number of Tasks (so no free form tasks) like the one you suggest. Very interesting - I wonder if you can do a poll in Telegram/here for community interest on this before I build more…


You can share a form here for others to fill up.