Slack (premium), Telegram, Discord, Matrix / Riot, Mattermost,, Keybase - productivity, transparency, open-source?

Currently, some interesting discussion happening on regarding Slack and other platforms. If you are looking for the invite, the invite is here:

My genuine, honest, authentic opinion: to convince me to change, something new has to be 10x better. Existing setup is reasonably OK but it’s been multiple times when I lost something in the 10000 messages limits. I do not see much public activity, but the core team is busy on Slack - if I knew that before, I’d copy-paste into my personal notes :slight_smile:

So here is my suggestion - let’s go premium!



Premium for free?

Google Translate:

And contributors (associations, communities, societies, volunteers, etc.) to produce goods or services of collective interest for the benefit of a territory or a sector of activities.

To be honest unlikely to get premium for free but even at $6.67 USD per person, per month (annual billing) it might be worth it, depending on the core team and how 10000 limit and screensharing is useful.

Other tools

Need to be 10x better. Convince me. Discuss.

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I agree.

But Cooperative can grow big, I say we should keep private Slack for working members only.

And we need a channeled communication line for community, not like Telegram but like Discord or Keybase. I prefer Keybase because of ethos.

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I too have a personal preference for Keybase, but a lot more people and teams are using Discord because of its simplicity and reliability. If the goal is to get the best tool, then Keybase would probably be the one. If the goal is to gather a vibrant community, then Discord might do better.

I think such communication tool is bound to change every two years or so if we want to keep using the best one for the community. With that in mind we should choose one that we feel good using for the next two years, then we can re-evaluate. If we go ahead with this change, I would strongly suggest to schedule the closing of the other channels within 90 days, such as Slack and Telegram (with very regular reminders to migrate to the new tool).

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I also like both Discord and Keybase however, when migrating communities, it’s important to consider if most users have either of those applications installed and whether they are likely to install them just for a Kleros chat if they aren’t already using them.

Telegram is useful as it’s the most prolific for crypto (from my knowledge) and thus, easier to keep in contact with the largest body of users.

Discord may then be the next common which would make sense to have as a community channel and keep Slack for team members as Ferit suggested. I’m not sure closing anything is necessary although, advertising a third option of Discord is certainly useful.


In case you are wondering what Aragon friends are doing:

(they’ve just migrated)

I have so many Discords now!

Discord is officially 10x better than Telegram.

Worth migrating…