V2 - Decentralized job application - PNK token holders to decide

Here is the stuff I would like to accomplish

TLDR: housekeeping, reviewing, triaging existing issues, creating simple, well described tasks that are easy to accomplish in decentralised manner: Proposal for Integration of FEATURE, a Reward-Based Protocol, to Boost Open-Source Developer Participation and Bug-Fixing

Google Doc has 8 pages:

YouTube voiceover has 8 minutes:

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(do not expecting much votes as forum is a ghosttown but worth trying anyway)

Cannot fake energy, cannot fake enthusiasm…

I think Kleros needs me as much as I need Kleros - yield farming long gone, I’m consuming my crypto savings, I’m genuinely looking for a job (routine, structure, stability, social aspect of work) but I don’t want to slave in some random workplace… My heart is with Kleros. Bonus points: minimal onboarding required, I already know all the stuff pretty well.

I tried this 2020, we never got the vote: Decentralized job application - PNK token holders to decide

Now we are 2023, different reality, different market conditions, different brand awareness:

  • "just use Kleros" - Vitalik
  • "Kleros-like system" - Balaji

This time around I hope we will accomplish a fair transparent process. Decision by PNK holders / DAO / Coop. Ensuring objectivity and the best interest.

(as opposed to personal grudges)

(as opposed to dictatorship)

(as opposed to shady business, see this thread about transparency)

Hiring is up to coop, don’t think PNK holders have anything to do with who the coop should be hiring.

If it’s a monthly/quarterly grant proposal to the kleros DAO, wouldn’t mind voting on it personally. Will need to outline more specifically what you aim to accomplish and how much you are requesting tho. Maybe like this?

Good, insightful, valuable point :+1:

About the name of the thread
V2 - Decentralized job application - PNK token holders to decide

Direct the reference to the previous name:
Decentralized job application - PNK token holders to decide (link)

V2 because Kleros is launching a new version and because what I do is V2 of similar initiative.

I’m both PNK holder and Coop member - in both situations I would like to put matter to vote.

Now we add yet another entity. Coop. PNK holders. DAO?

It’s not a monthly / quarterly grant proposal. It is a reverse employment offer, an unconventional cover letter :arrow_right: being proactive, showing initiative.

Have you checked the Google Doc?

It has 8 pages and here is the first task…

Description of the image: 172 repositories, some repos with 53 issues, some issues with 13 subtasks… That surely needs some admin housekeeping.

Reason why I’m so good at this job:

  • knowledge of Kleros and Kleros products
  • pedantic attention to detail
  • ability to run the code, reproduce issue, fix if it is easy
  • general undertanding of technology and development practive

During this process I will surely discover many other issues that need prioritising.

I’m requesting a base salary that will cover my cost of living, that will remove worry about money, and some $PNK vested to align long-term incenties.

If money is an issue - I suggest another round of fundraising to attract the top talent: Pros and Cons of increased liquidity / additional round of sale? - #8 by marsrobertson

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Nice Initiative! But I’m just a tourist - currently try out V2. I had some pnk, in Sommer 2019 :wink:

Suggested steps

(from the Google Doc)

That would reduce probability of such issues

Kleros is here to stay and the amount of work across multiple areas is substantial and is likely to increase in the future:

  • more users
  • more integrations
  • more disputes
  • more browsers
  • more wallets
  • more edge cases

I can handle it pretty well, in fact I believe that I’m the best person for this role, starting from housekeeping / admin / gardening of 172 repos and pruning / resolving / closing open issues in order to prioritize what next :pray: