Bounty for getting PNK listed on exchanges

This has been slightly edited based on the feedback in this thread.

Tier 0 - Binance and Coinbase - 1m PNK

Tier 1 - major, reputable, well-established exchanges - 0.5m PNK

Reputable as defined in Bitwise report. Bitwise classifies the 10 exchanges as real volume exchanges or reference exchanges. The 10 exchanges include Binance, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, itBit, Kraken and Poloniex.

The bounty to be valid for at least 6 months from the initial approval. After that period - the ability to cancel or reduce the amount because of the price swings and other justifiable reasons (subject to vote).

Previous discussion here: PROPOSAL: bounty for getting PNK listed on exchanges

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Why are you opening another thread ?
It is like burying previous comments mate :wink:

Consistency. Convention. Maybe we can create a meta-proposal about a better process…

I kind of like IPFS to ensure no rogue admin changes the forum post.

I think it would make sense to put a expiry date or condition on this proposal as the price of PNK can shift rapidly. Otherwise LGTM.

Agree, there should be an expiry date included.

So, question is when to expire? Maybe something like a year, 1st January 2021 00:00:00. A lot can happen in a year. Or we can make it shorter and query all token holders, say once a quarter, to reapprove the bounty. This seems like a better idea to me.

At least 3 months from now.

Until further notice.

Intention: in case PNK goes 100x, the numbers will have to change, that’s why good to have scape hatch.

3 months seems a bit short.
1 year seems more reasonable and in case of high price swing, someone could still ask a vote to cancel the bounty.

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@marsrobertson If this is OK for you, I’ll add the 1 year deadline (or 3 months if you prefer this one) and remove the “up to” in order for the proposal to be well defined.

“up to” makes sense.

We have well defined exchanges.

The amount can be well defined as well.

At least six months. Breakup clause in case of extraordinary price swings, safety valve.

Personally I’m OK to put the intention - why do we want to allow breakup clause? Because of the price swings. This is to prevent potential abuse.

This report is so good:

Real, actual, factual data explained in simple terms.

Well done to these guys!

This proposal has been put to vote.

The proposal has been accepted.

If one do not have exchanges connections, i don’t know how one can help being listed on those exchanges, because generally the process implies inputs to be made by the team itself.

My intention was to incentivize these type of connections + run a sanity check if Kleros team is willing to help, collaborate, provide liquidity, tech support. In other words checking if there is political will to make it happen.

Of course blockchain and decentralization, no permission required but now it is official.