Full Stack Developer - Blockchain/LegalTech/FinTech

Kleros is looking for a highly skilled, blockchain savvy Full Stack Dev. To find out more read on below.

Job Description

Full Stack Position at Kleros

Are you passionate about decentralization and building the new governance systems that will make the old ones obsolete? If so, read on.

Job Description

You will be part of Kleros’ software development team, working closely with our CTO and our Lead Developer. You will develop software needed for Kleros to run: write code, participate in code reviews, conduct tests and deal with potential bugs and vulnerabilities reported through our bug bounty programs and audits.

You can work remotely. Even though there are not set hours (apart from a few weekly team calls), you will be expected to deliver high quality work within the defined deadlines. Kleros is more of a close knit family than a hierarchical team. Your input, suggestions and criticisms will be heard and we encourage debate and discussion.

You will have plenty of freedom and responsibilities and are expected to be a pro-active member of our team. You’ll have the chance to be one of the pioneers of the blockchain revolution and decentralized justice!


  • Node back-end development.
  • React front-end development.
  • HTML + CSS styling.
  • AWS infrastructure maintenance.
  • Developing software to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.


  • More than 2 years of software development or equivalent experience (ideally more than 5).
  • High level of React and Redux or another popular framework.
  • High level of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (TypeScript is a bonus).
  • Knowledge of responsive design.
  • Experience with testing and user acceptance best practices.
  • Experience with Git, Webpack, and other development process tools.
  • Experience working remotely (not required, but a bonus).
  • High English level.
  • Teamwork spirit.


We offer competitive pay for extraordinary people. The % indicated in the Equity Range field corresponds to a PNK token allocation. You will also receive voting rights in the Kleros Cooperative.


You can either come to the Lisbon office or work fully remotely. In either case, main work jurisdiction is Github and Slack.

How to Apply

Make an intro answering to the following questions:

  1. How and where do you like to work?
  2. What is the most interesting programming problem you’ve worked on?
  3. What would you improve in one of our products?
  4. What is the ‘maxDrawingTime’ currently set in the KlerosLiquid contract deployed to mainnet that https://court.kleros.io uses?

You can email these to [email protected] cc’ [email protected]

Got a newsletter from the ConsenSys and I’m hoping that to utilize 100% of exposure…


From the website: https://kleros.io/about/#join

The link goes directly to this post…

I really like the concept of creating various bounties on Gitcoin: https://gitcoin.co/kleros

(being part of the community, getting people interested, hiring devs who already have familiarity with the codebase)

Back in a day I posted bunch of the ideas regarding fellowship: Request for comments - Kleros Fellowship of Justice proposals

This time around I’d like to post a few ideas for potential project development:

  1. Marking evidence as “fake news”, creating a separate arbitrable case - it was supposed to be my project for - https://blog.kleros.io/kleros-fellowship-second-generation/ - but I was too overwhelmed with other work, life, family, inevitable near-term social collapse and writing a book about system change: https://genesis.re/book that is referencing the thread on the forum
  2. Tutorial how to integrate Kleros into your app - I’m well suited for this one as well - https://github.com/genesisdotre/kleros-ethereal-virtual-hackathon
  3. Tutorial how to deploy Kleros, governor, Pinakion token, how to move time in your app - so that you can play with it on your localhost. Otherwise, it’s difficult to know exactly how the court works inside out.
  4. Layer 2 - cheap, fast (near real-time) dispute for live events, where timely resolution is required.

Currently, I’m still employed in the UK, various things related to pension, taxes, immigration, everything. I will keep that job for the time being but these proposals above are worthy, valuable, interesting. A great material for part-time freelance extra work, and extra pay in PNK

Our friends at Aragon:

Always on the side of adoption and usability.

Just like Aragon borrowed a lot of concepts from Kleros, we can (should) incorporate some of their stuff - ease of adoption - one click deploy - fully support this initiative!

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